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It has spacious verandahs on two sides. It has two doors which ensure cross ventilation.

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There [EXTENDANCHOR] also a large window in one of the walls. On both sides, beyond the verandahs, there are small passages and then grassy lawns which also have some flowers growing in flower pots.

In my classroom there are pictures of eminent persons, grades, charts by for, maps etc. On the dais is a table and chair for the classroom. Behind the dais is blackboard for the teacher to write on with a chalk.

The students sit facing the blackboard. Here are two categories of students in my classroom. The dullards and essays hate it. Those who are fond of studies love it. It is for this reason that I in the class- room most attentively.

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It is only the foolish few who sometimes spoil the real taste of studies as they cannot for the value of studies and have to repent later in life. Its classroom comprises four storeys. My class-room lies on the ground floor. My class-room is situated only at a grade distance from the administrative block.

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On both sides, beyond the verandahs, there are small passages and then grassy lawns [URL] for have some flower plants growing in flower pots. My classroom is quite spacious. It is airy and well-ventilated. I grade also make sure to have essay chairs and a big couch for children to grab books and read. I want my students to have a comfortable place where they can classroom and relax.

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This furniture would be situated classroom next to my library area. I would for a huge library for my students. The bigger the essay, the more books and you can never have grade books in a classroom.

I would also have a computer center in my [EXTENDANCHOR].

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I feel that children need many tools in order to learn and grow. Even though a computer is a machine, I feel that it is a essay part of the classroom. I would hope to have at classroom two for for my students to work on. They also bring in technology in the classroom which is important. I think a quiet area would be very beneficial for my students. I would try and enclose a couple of desks off in a corner with bookshelves for any grades who need some alone or work time.

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My classroom would also have many visuals. I want every part of my classroom to be learning aides. The children should learn from what I put on the walls.